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Caner Dolgun was born in Izmir - Konak, in 1989.He studied at Izmir University of Economics, in the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design. His subject was visual communication design, and he mainly focused on multimedia design.During his university life, heworked in various organizations such as Izmir University of Economics (for Newspaper of University ''Univers'' and Promo Video of Fine Arts and Design Faculty), Vooser Interactive (Interface Design & Motion-Graphics) , Izmir Bazaar Life Magazine (Graphic Designer for 2 issue), Selimen Advertisement & Translating Office (Graphic Designer & Printing Operator), Anadolu Efes - Street Festivals (Photographer). He has an advanced level English skills thanks to the education he received at high school and university.


After graduation, he moved to Istanbul and started working as a freelancer video editor in 27 episodes of TRT Turkish Documentary Series ''In Search of Lost Treasures'' with Director Aykut Alp Ersoy. Then he started at Grafi2000 Productions where he worked for 6 years (2012-2018).There, he practised video editing and compositing for 80 episodes of Fırıldak Family Cartoon Series and one feature of the same project, ''Fırıldak Family - Damn the Middle Earth!''. Afterwards, Grafi2000 started creating the cartoon series called 'King Shakir' for Cartoon Network channel. He was assigned to be the Production Manager & Video Editor for over 90 episodes in this project. He also worked as the Post-Production Coordinator in the feature project named ''King Shakir: Let the Game Begin''. He finished his M.A. at Kadir Has University in Film & Drama Programme in 2019.


Nowadays, he is working for Madd Entertainment as a freelancer multimedia designer and blah blah blah...

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